Landlord/Tenant Do it yourself forms are now out!!!

A guided do it yourself procedure for completing and filing forms needed in simplified landlord-tenant matters and pinellas county divorce attorney documents, aimed at helping both pro se litigants and pro bono lawyers who don’t normally practice in that area, is being added to the court system’s statewide e-filing portal.  The Supreme Court’s Commission on Access to Civil Justice received an update on the DIY forms the first of many being prepared for the portal and on the popular Florida Courts Help App from the Office of the State Courts Administrator at the commission’s recent Tallahassee meeting.  Commission member Tom Edwards, a Jacksonville attorney, said the dynamic DIY process asks users a series of questions and then uses those to fill out court approved forms, without the assistance of divorce document preparation services.  More than 100 forms are in the pipeline for eventual inclusion on the portal.  The landlord/tenant system was expected to be available by the end of December, after this News went to press.  They’ll be able to go in and answer questions through a structured question tree…and they then will be able to produce pre-approved litigation forms such as a landlord complaint or a tenant response, Edwards said.  By clicking here, you can obtain more information.